A graphic design portfolio

typography poster


A collection of some typography posters that I have created, because I needed some decoration in my apartment. Some of the posters are my own and some are my version of an existing poster. There will be added more posters in the future.

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dan-flex label website


Dan-Flex was founded in 1980 and produces various labels, mainly for the food industry. Danflex contacted my apprenticeship for a new website for their company. I got the opportunity to make a proposal on my idea.

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frivillig center brochure


I contacted the local community center in Vejle and offered them a new design for their brochure and they were very excited about the idea. Besides the logo, colors and format I had free rein in relation to the design and the use of fonts.

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uni-chains belts data sheets

Data sheets

Uni-Chains had a catalogue with all of their product lines. They decided that it would be more consumer friendly if they divided the catalogue into individual data sheets. We extracted the information from the old catalogue and transfered it to the new data sheets.

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grøn koncert tuborg tshirt


Every year Tuborg hosts a number of one-day festivals throughout Denmark called Grøn Koncert and every year they hold a competition to create the t-shirt of that year. Everyone can participate in this open contest.

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vejlegaarden visitkort

Business Cards

Restaurant Vejlegaarden needed a business card for the restaurant and three personal for the restaurant owner, the head chef and the restaurant manager. All the business cards should have a coherency between them and still keep their personal look.

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vejlegaarden menukort

Menu Cards

Restaurant Vejlegaarden wanted to update their menu cards. They needed three different menus, one for lunch, dinner and their buffet. The restaurant wanted a coherency between the three menus and furthermore asked for simplicity and a clear overview.

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berlinmuren east side gallery magasin

Small magazine

I visited Berlin as a part of my education. We were given an assignment to choose one of the cities known attractions or historical monuments and do a magazine about it. I choose The East Side Gallery, which is the last existing part of The Berlin Wall.

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